Holland Lop Doe Joliet


- SSBR Florida

FLS Theo (Magpie-Black)

Cranberry Trails (Broken Magpie Black)

Cranberry Trails Peaches (Tricolor-w/Blk/G-Org)

"Honey" - SSBR Florida (Broken Black)

Kaitlyn Alkire (Magpie-Black)

Cranberry Trails Image (Chincilla-Black/Lt Gray (FG))

Cranberry Trails China (Chincilla-Black/Lt Gray (FG)-VM)

Holland Lop Doe Fromberg MT


- Shamrock's Maddi 06072018F

Shamrock's Nigel (Sable Point)

Shamrock's Wesley (Broken Sable Point)

Shamrock's Sheenagh (Broken Black)

"Jersey" - Shamrock's Maddi 06072018F(Broken (Charlie) Black)

Swan Valley's Connagher (Broken Otter-Black)

Shamrock's Maddi (Broken (Charlie) Black))

Shamrock's Rosebud (Broken Black)


Just Because we love her!

Cuddles is our Mini-Lop. She is getting up there in age, but we have her just because we LOVE her. She was my first pet rabbit & will be here until the end.